The most critical component to effectively

managing your facilities is DATA.

But don’t take our word for it…...


“Hands down, the single most powerful

tool in facilities management today”

-CEO, Nationally Leading R.I.E.T.


After 25 years on the spend side of property management creating new streams of revenue and extensive savings for our clients we realized that we needed to become something other than a traditional facilities management firm.
As a company that has always developed new ways of finding money saving and profitable solutions for our partners we’ve developed through strategic partnerships a tool that will forever change the face of property management.
Rather than acting as a layer between client and asset we’ve now developed a product to aid our clients in managing their own properties!
This technology will forever change the way owners and managers manage the spend side of Repair & Maintenance by creating a level of visibility into operations between the vendor, property manager and asset.
This is a very exciting time for our existing clients as well as new clients to present a technology that will empower our clients to rely on their own staff as to manage all assets within a portfolio with extreme efficiency never before seen! Small companies as well as large will operate in an environment with real time accruals and accountability including warranty tracking, detailed asset reports, and one check bill pay. The prism group has always strived to benefit our clients and partners. This tool sets us apart from traditional facilities firms by freeing our clients to manage their own contractors and eliminating layers of “Fat” that burden the bottom line. The product easily sells itself and is the dream of any CFO.
It will not only help to trim “Fat” enormously but also will be an invaluable tool in developing new business for management firms.
We are all very excited here at The Prism Group to offer what we know is a win win for all of our very valued clients!
Please click on the “Our Solutions” page link to get a comprehensive idea of how the technology works.


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